Fishial Collection Photo Reviewer
Fishial Collection Photo Reviewer
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The Fishial.AI portal allows users to upload their own fish photos, tag fish species, the identifying attributes, and submit photos to the model. Prior to photos get accepted into the model they must be approved by a reviewer. The person in this position will be reviewing images submitted by the Fishial.AI users. This person will have excellent knowledge with fish species identification and will be able to identify key attributes as well. The fish identification knowledge can be within a small group of fish (for example: sunfishes, mackerels or snappers) or encompass a larger group of fish. This person will be able to demonstrate these skills prior to being hired.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or Fisheries and Wildlife or similar degree
  • Attention to details
  • Basic computer skills

Computer Requirements

  • Internet access
  • MS Windows PC or a Apple Mac laptop
  • Web browser either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge