Our Mission

We are building the largest open-source fish species image library labeled for AI machine learning and seek the development of a highly accurate open-source AI model that can identify fish species world wide!

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Join us on our first contest!

Help us build the most accurate fish ID technology to recognize all fish species around the world. Upload and process your fish photos (images from fishing or underwater photography) into our portal as an individual or team. Join us now at

Win amazing prizes.

Prizes will be quarterly awarded based on processed photo quantity and identifying accuracy: – Ocean First Short Courses – Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation giveaways – Amazon Gift Cards And ONE MAJOR PRIZE yearly awarded for best performance throughout the year.

Portal Features
Photo Collection
Machine Learning
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Portal Features

Portal Features

The portal is located at and allows a user to register for an account and/or join an existing team. Once signed in a user can update their user profile join a team or start to upload photos into their image library.

Main features:

Specialized image library to organize the worlds fish species

Individual’s or teams can work together on a common set of images

Project management tools for teams to assign work (labeling)

AI enabled fish species labeling editor

Automatic fish species detection & polygon creation on upload of an image

Semi-automatic polygon creation using AI and the edit tool

Fish Traits can be labeled such has eye’s, head, tails etc.


Get Involved

Would you like to be part of a project to teach computers how to identify fish?

Are you passionate about fish or conservation?

Do you want to put your artificial intelligence skills to work on this project?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions you may be eligible for one of our volunteers positions.

Fishial volunteers will make this project a reality. There are different tasks that need to be done and we encourage our volunteers to decide which feels best for them. You may choose to only upload fish pictures and/or you could continue processing the pictures and/or tagging fish species. How you contribute will depend upon your time availability, skills, and knowledge. If you are interested in any of these positions please check out our job board. Kind Regards, The Fishial Team.

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Fishial.Ai wants to thank our partnerships for continued support of this project.

Please visit our partners websites to learn more about them.

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Follow along with the latest news from Fishial.AI on Fishial Recognition™️



Fishial Challenge is on!

Join us in our quarterly open contest! Enter now to help us build the most accurate fish ID technology to recognize all fish species around the world. About the Challenge: Upload and process as many fish photos as possible on our portal as a team or individual! Win amazing prizes at the end of each … Continue reading “Fishial Challenge is on!”

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Project documentation can be found at Questions and discussions can be found on our community forums at To contact project owners email to

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